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Parque de las esculturas, a green area of Providencia

‘It is necessary for us know the name of each plant, so we could greet them and they could greet us too’

The study of nature can turn into a good hobby despite the place where we live in. The incessant natural cycles and phenomena bring too much pleasure to ones who have realised nature wonders and appreciate them.

As a result, a common walk can become a real searching and exploring expedition and, at the same time, a teaching process-meaningful learning. In fact, it is an oldest activity which has been enjoyed by different kinds of people; youngsters and olders, women and men without distinction. If a child learns to appreciate this activity, it will give him higher educational values. It will teach him to respect wild life and how to get closer without damaging it.


Chile is a country which has a poor development on natural systems management and has just started realising the importance of green areas for chilean comunities, regarding to life’s quality, genetic stock, ecosystemic balance, tourism and other.

The main objective of the project is to give enough information to users of the green areas of Providencia. The information is about existing vegetal species and their interaction with the environment. All this in a didactic way, easy to understand.

The first approach of the project was made in Parque de las esculturas, in the bank of Mapocho river.  Parque de las esculturas was chosen because of the preference of people, who look for a quiet place in the middle of the city.



Native Species
Exotic Species