Winter’s Bark
Drimys wintery

OTHER COMMON NAMES Boighe, foie (mapudungun)
FAMILY Winteraceae
ORDER Canellales
SUBCLASS Magnolidae
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is native to Chile and Argentina. It is an evergreen tree, it has a cilyndrical and erected trunk. It can reaches 25 m. Its bark is soft and grey. It has thin branches, which have a reddish ending. The winter’s bark has lanceolated and light green leaves. They have a length of 6-13 cm. and have a marked middle nerve.
Its flowers are hermaphodite. They can be white, yellowish or pink and can appear in groups or isolated. The flowering occurs between October and November.
Its fruit is a black berry of 1 cm. It has 5-8 seeds.
This tree is a common specie, which is out of danger.