Bunya Pine
Araucaria Bidwillii

OTHER COMMON NAMES Araucaria Bidwilli
FAMILY Araucariaceae
ORDER Coniferales
CLASS Pinopsida
DIVISION Pinophyta

Native to the South-west of Queensland, Australia. It is a dioecious tree, which can reach 50 m. It has a thick trunk and a scaly, dark grey bark. Its has a dense top with some hanging little branches. Its foliage is concentrated at the end of its branches. The foliage is perennial and its leaves are bright green. They have a length of 2,5 – 5 cm; sharp and arrenged in two rows, lanceolated, coriaceous texture, without middle nerve but many parallel and very thin nerves. It has axillary, male and isolated cones. They are cilyndrical and have a length of 6-11 cm. It has closing, female and ovoid cones. They are dark green and have a length of 20-30 cm. There are 50-100 seeds per cone.