Yew or European Yew
Taxus baccata

OTHER COMMON NAME Tejo europeo, tejo común.
FAMILY Taxaceae
ORDER Taxales
CLASS Pinopsida
DIVISION Pinophyta

It is native to Europe, Africa and North-west Asia, coniferous of 20 m. It has a thick trunk, scaly and brown bark and a conical top. It grows slowly but can reach 4000 years.
It has soft needles of 2-4 cm. they are dark green and are grouped in spiral. It is a dioecious plant. Its flowers appear from the axils of each leaf. Each cone has just one seed surrounded by a red structure. The flowers bloom in late winter and bear fruits in late summer. Except for the red structure, everything is poisonous in the Yew. It is scant, in risk of extinction.