"Cryptocarya Alba"

BASIONIMO Peumus alba Molina
FAMILY Lauraceae
ORDER Laurales
SUBCLASS Magnoliidae
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is an endemic tree from Chile. It grows from Coquimbo (IV) to Valdivia (X region)
It is a perennial tree of 4-8m. (length) and 12 m. (diameter) its young branches are pubescent. It has an erected and bended trunk with several branches.
It has simple, whole, opposed, subopposed or alternate leaves.
It little flowers are hermaphrodite and have a length of 3-4mm. They are green or yellow and bloom specially from November to January.
Its fruit is a fleshy drupe, which is pink and become red when ripe. It bears fruit between January and April.
It is an abundant specie but in the Región Metropolitana it becomes vulnerable because of the anthropic pressure.