Lebanon Cedar
Cedrus libani A. Rich.

OTHER COMMON NAMES Cedar of Lebanon (inglés).
SYNONYMS Cedrus libanitica; Larix cedrus.
FAMILY Pinaceae
ORDER Coniferales
CLASS Pinopsida
DIVISION Pinophyta

It is an exotic specie native to Lebanon, Siria and Turkey.
It is a perennial and monoecious tree, which belong to the coniferous. It can reach a height of 40 m. It has a is cracked and greyish-brown bark and a pyramidal top.
Its rigid and sharp leaves are needle-shaped and have a length 15-30 mm. They are dark-green and rarely blueish.
Its fruit is fat and rounded, it has a length of 7-10 cm. They are violet and become grey when ripe. Its seeds are long and thick, well-developed wing.
The Lebanon Cedar blooms in spring.
It is considered in low danger of extinction.