Italian, Tuscan or Graveyard Cypress
Cupressus sempervirens L.

OTHER COMMON NAMES Ciprés común, ciprés del mediterráneo, ciprés de los cementerios.
FAMILY Cupressaceae
ORDER Coniferales
CLASS Pinopsida
DIVISION Pinophyta

It is native to the East regions of the Mediterranean.
It is a perennial and long-lived tree, some of them have reached 1000 years. It has a length of 25-30 m. Its trunk is rected and has a diameter of 1 m. Its roots are well-developed.
It has two natural forms: horizontal, extended branches and the appearance of a cedar or a pine. Pyramidal, appearance of a column, commonly employed in cultivation.
It has flat and thin leaves of 2-5 cm. (length) They form a dense and dark-green foliage.
Its fruit is green or greyish-brown and shiny. It has 8-20 seeds, which are little and irregular.
The italian cypress blooms in late winter.