Persea Lingue
Persea lingue (R. et P.) Nees ex COP.

SYNONYMS Laurus linguy Miers ex Bertero; Persea meyeniana Nees; P. lingue Nees var. canescens Nees.
ORDER Laurales
SUBCLASS Magnoliidae
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliopsida

It is an endemic tree from the subantartic forests of Chile and Argentina.
It is a big forest, compact and evergreen tree, which can reach a height of 30 m. It has a cylindrical trunk of 80cm. (diameter). It has a hard, white or red wood.
It has perennial, simple and alternate leaves, smooth edge, green and shiny surface. They have a length of 6-17cm. and a width of 3,5-10 cm.
Its hermaphrodite flowers are grouped in slack cornstalks of 3-7cm. They bloom on September and October.
Its fruit is a bitter and dark-violet berry when ripe. It ripens between March and May.
It is practically extincted because of its exploitation. There are some Persea Lingue in native forests and others which grow after the felling.