Lily of the Valley Tree
Crinodendron patagua Mol.

FAMILY Elaeocarpaceae
ORDER Malvales
SUBCLASS Dillenidae
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is native to the Central zone of Chile, from Quillota (V region) to Concepción (VIII region) It is an evergreen tree, which has a rounded top and erected branches. It has a length of 6-10 m. and its top has a diameter of 6 m. Its opposite leaves are alternate or subalternate. They are bright green on their surface.
Its hermaphrodite flowers are isolated, axillary and white. They have a length of 1-1,5 cm. and have a bell-like shape hanging from the branches. The blossom starts on October and fiishes on January.
Its fruits are red capsules of 1,5-2,5 cm. (length) Its blackish seeds have a length of 4 mm.
The Crinodendron patagua Mol.bears fruit between March and April.
It is a common specie, so it is not in danger of extinction.