Northern Acorn
Beilschmiedia miersii (Gay) Kosterm.

OTHER COMMON NAMES Belloto (Spanish), Northern acorn (English)
SYNONYMS Bellota miersii Gay; Boldu chilanum Nees.
FAMILY Lauraceae
ORDER Laurales
SUBCLASS Magnoliidae
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is an endemic tree to Central Chile; it is part of the Sclerophyllous forest type.
It is an evergreen tree; it can reach a height of 25 m. but rarely grows more than 5 or 10 m.
It has an erected, thick and cylindrical trunk , it can reach a diameter of 80 cm. It has a rounded top and dense foliage, which can reach a diameter of 15 m.
Its leaves are persistent, simple, opposed and dark green. They have a length of 4-12 cm. and a width of 2-5,7cm.
Its hermaphrodite flowers appear from the axils of the leaves and have a length of 2-10cm.
The blossom starts in March and ends in April.
Its fruit is an ovoid drupe called acorn. It is brown-yellow, speckled when ripe. Its seed look like an avocado stone.
It was declared a Natural Monument in 1995.