Canary Island Date Palm
Phoenix Canariensis hort. ex Chabaud

OTHER COMMON NAMES Palma canaria, Fénix, Palma de las Canarias, Támara.
FAMILY Arecaceae
ORDER Arecales
SUBCLASS Commelinidae
CLASS Liliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is native to the Canary Island, which are in the Atlantic Ocean to the North-East coast of Africa.
It is a big and isolated palm (no sprouts) It can reach a height of 30 m. and has a thick trunk.
It is a long-lived tree, it can live 2 or maybe 3 centuries.
The Canary Island date palm has separated sex. The female palms have big and wide open inflorescence. Its flowers are separated and they become fruits soon. The male ones has little and closed inflorescence. Its flowers produce vast quantities of pollen.
It blooms before wet and cold seasons.
It fruits are sweet and colourful and appear during dry and hot seasons.