The Soap Bark tree or Soapbark
Quillaja saponaria Mol.

SYNONYMS Smegmadermos emarginatus R. et P.
FAMILY Rosaceae
ORDER Rosales
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is an endemic tree, which grows from Coquimbo (IV region) to Malleco (IX region).
It is a little and evergreen tree, it can reach a height of 20 m, a diameter of 1 m. in its trunk and 12 m. In its top. It has an ash-grey bark.
Its white-green flowers are hermaphrodite and have a diameter of 1-1,4cm. They bloom between October and January.
Its fruit is a dry and open capsule, which persist for a long time in the tree and into it there are many winged seeds.
It is vulnerable in the IV region but safe in the rest. It can be extincted because of its exploitation.