Tulip Tree or Liriodendron

OTHER COMMON NAMES Árbol de las Tulipas, Tuliperos de Virginia, Árbol de los tuliperos, Tulipanero, tulipanero, árbol de los tulipanes (español)
FAMILY Magnoliaceae
ORDER Magnoliales
SUBCLASS Magnoliidae
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is natve to NorthAmerica, from Canada to Florida.
It is a deciduos, high and majestic tree. It has a long-lasting life, it grows fast and can reach a height of 30 m. or more and a width of 10 m.
It has fleshy roots. Its bark is cracked and brown. It has soft and shiny branches. They are red at the beginning, then grey. They have brown ending.
It is aromatic but bitter. Its winter shoots are dark-red, covered, obtuse, its scales turn into conspicuous stipules for the uncovered leaves. They are persintent until leaves grow completely.
Its leaves are alternate and deciduous. They are yellow as in autumn and it make them suitable for ornamental purposes. They are also vained, simple and have a length of 12-15 cm.
It has flowers of 5 cm. (diameter), they are like tulips because of their shape and petal arrangement. Eventhough, they are not very colourfull and lose among the foliage. They are yellow-green and orange centre. They are perfect and isolated flowers, strong pendulum, erected and conspicuous.
Its fruit is a narrow cone, light brown and has many carpels, dry and indehiscent. It bears fruit in autumn and persist during winter.