Roman Cassie

OTHER COMMON NAMES Espino, Espino Maulino, Caven, Churque, Quirinca, Quirincho (los frutos
ORDER Fabales
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

The Roman cassie grows in Chile from Copiapó river (III region, Atacama) to Los Sauces (VIII region, Bío-Bío) It is important to say that, this tree grows naturally in North-East Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.
It is a little tree of a height of 6 m. It has a semirounded top. Its trunk can reach 50 cm. (diameter). Its bark is thick, longitudinary cracked and black. It has thick and brown branches and flexible, gnarled and pubescent little branches; thorns.
It has compound and deciduous leaves.
Its flowers are hermaphrodite of a length of 3-7 cm. They are cillyndrical, shiny and black.
This specie is not in danger of extinction. Some time ago, the Roman cassie could reach a height of 10 m. Now, it can be find them smaller and scattered, because of the employment of soils in cultivation and exploitation of its wood.