Vilca or Wilco

OTHER COMMON NAMES Visco, visca, viscoti, Yapan, Arca, Viscote, Yuqueri guazú, Jarca.
SUBFAMILY Mimosoideae
ORDER Fabales
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

Native to SouthAmerica, endemic from NorthArgentina, Bolivia and El Chaco.
It is a medium or big size tree. In its native zone can reach a height of 8-15 m. But in Santiago can reach 4-8 m. It has an extensive, scraggly and regular, inverted cone-like shape top. It has thin and grey branches with no thornes. Its bark can be light brown or reddish, rough and with deep longitudinal cracks.
It has deciduous and semipersistent leaves. They are dark green.
It offers a perfumed, spring flowering. Its flowers are hermaphrodite and aromatic. They blossom in spherical flowering and are light yellow.
Its fruit is a light brown pod, which appears linear, erected and very tight. It has rounded, flat and brown seeds of 1 cm. (diameter)