OTHER COMMON NAMES Maitén del centro
FAMILY Celastraceae
ORDER Celastrales
CLASS Magoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

It is native to Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Peru. In Región Metropolita, it is mostly found in the hills near Renca, Colina’s hot springs, San Cristobal hill, Manquehue hill, Macul and Peñalolen ravines, Cajón del maipo, Maipú, el Arrayan, etc.
It is a monoecious or polygamodioecious tree of a height of 8-15 m. It has a rounded and leafy top. Its trunk can reach 1 m. (diameter) It has a more or less smooth bark. Its branches and little branches are thin, pendulous and glabrous.
It has perennial, simple and alternate leaves, they a length of 2-6cm and a width of 0,5-2cm. It has male flowers grouped in fascicles of 8; 5 elliptic, concave and greenish petals of 2,5 mm. Its female flowers are grouped in fascicles of 3 and their sepals and petals similar to male ones. The flowering occurs between August and November.
Its fruit is a capsule of 5-6 mm.
It is an abundant specie, which is out of risk of extinction.