Bald Cypress or Swamp Cypress

OTHER COMMON NAMES Ciprés de los pantanos
FAMILY Taxodiadeae
ORDER Coniferales
CLASS Pinopsida
DIVISION Pinophyta

Endemic tree from South-east of the United states. It is part of the few coniferae, which has deciduous leaves. It can reach a height of 40-45 m. It has a thick, fibrous or scaly bark, which appears in greyish-brown and red. Its top is pyramidal when young. It has a wide and abutting trunk in its base. It has linear needles, which are green-yellow. They have a length of 17 mm, arranged in two rows and with lateral shoots. Its flowers, male and female appear in different samples. They blossom in hanging cones, the male ones in ending, tight and short bunches; they appear in green-red. The female appear isolated and of 1-3,5 cm (diameter) They are dehiscent and green-red.
Its cones ripen in autumn or during the same winter in which blossom occurs.