OTHER COMMON NAMES Árbol del ámbar, estoraque, ocozol, árbol del estoraque.
FAMILY Altingiaceae
ORDER Saxifragales
CLASS Magnoliopsida
DIVISION Magnoliophyta

Native to East NorthAmerica, from its Atlantic coast.
It is monoecious, (sub) deciduous tree. It can reach a height of 20-60m and a diameter of 42 cm. on its chest. It has a long and narrow top. It can be pyramidal when young and rounded and extensive when adult. Its erected trunk has alternate, ascending and thin branches. It has an external, thinly-cracked and dark grey bark. From the bark flows a resinous liquid.
Its roots are creeping, swinging, extensive, hard and woody.
Its leaves are in spiral. They are simple, alternate and has a sawed edge. The Sweetgum has the smell of a turpentine. Its flowers appear in ending panicles over short and lateral branches. Its fruits appear in little capsules, in little heads of 2,5 – 4 cm. (diameter) They hang in pendulums of a length of 5 - 6.5 cm.; rounded, woody and bright black little heads. The fruit is in a bivalved capsule, dehiscent in the apex. It can still for a long time hanging from the tree.